Our Current Mission Theme:
Tell the Next Generation

Our ongoing mission motto is "Boldly Sharing the Love of Christ", which is easy to remember because the first letters of each keyword spells BSLC, just like the name of our Church. And so we seek to share God's love with all people, young and old, in our words and in our deeds. There is a special need, however, to reach the young with the Good News of Jesus because there are so many message of our culture contrary to Scripture that are pressed upon them. Therefore we also have a current mission emphasis that aims to constantly raise up new disciples. Our mission theme is: Tell the Next Generation. As community of believers, we aim to "Tell the Next Generation" with our:
  • Vibrant Ministry
  • Faithful Legacy
  • Courageous Witness

You can explore each of these subtopics by reading a sermon series and hymn written specifically for this mission emphasis.

Vibrant Ministry: 1 Corinthians 12:4-13
Faithful Legacy: Psalm 78:1-7, especially v. 4
Courageous Witness: Luke 24:36-49
Hymn: Tell The Next Generation