Hymn"Tell the Next Generation"(tune: LSB 644)

Hymn"Tell the Next Generation"(tune: LSB 644)

We will “Tell the Next Generation” (Ps. 78:4, 7)
1 Tell the next generation
The wonders God has done,
His power of salvation
And love that sent His Son,
That all may know their Savior
And trust Him all their days.
We pray they join our praising
And walking in His ways.

with our Vibrant Ministry (1 Cor. 12:4-12)
2 What joy it is to serve Him
And work in Jesus’ name!
Though various the talents,
Our Triune God—the same.
We are His Church in mission
For all humanity,
As God’s own Spirit livens
Our vibrant ministry.

Faithful Legacy (Ps. 78:1-7)
3 We praise God for the faithful
Whose heritage we hold.
As they believed and taught us,
We too confess it bold.
We’ll pass down to our children
The truth that sets us free,
And to the children’s children
This faithful legacy.

and Courageous Witness (Lk 24:36-49)
4 Eyewitnesses of Easter
Proclaimed a sermon true,
“O contrite, there’s forgiveness
In Jesus’ name for you!”
We’ll join their joyful sharing,
Let word and deed declare
In our courageous witness
The Good News everywhere!

Rev. Jonathan Gruen, March 2020