About the Leader

“Hi, my name is David , happily married to Sharon. After a hiatus, my wife and I transferred back to Beautiful Savior, the church we were married at by Pastor Jon. We have been back now for a couple of years, transferring from Timothy Lutheran Church. There, I led a men’s Bible Study for about 6 years, as well as being a Stephen Minister. After 25 years of retail management, managing Wal-Marts, Osco drugs, then CVS drugstores, I have recently changed careers. I now work as a Behavior Interventionist at Cedar Creek Elementary. Recently, I have started to lead an adult Bible Study which includes married couples and single adults. I have enjoyed the change of just teaching a Men’s Bible Study, because we get different points of view, leading to some very lively and interesting conversations. In our weekly studies I like to include some thought provoking questions, occasional assignments, and some humor. Through these studies I hope you will grow in your knowledge of the members of the Holy Trinity, the joy of being called a child of God, a greater appreciation of the wonderful grace of God, and being a servant of the Kingdom of God. I invite you to attend any time. Enjoy some good fellowship and laughter with us!

Meeting Dates and Location

Every Tuesday, 7-8pm
Location: Church Basement

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