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Next Congregational Work Day


The next scheduled Congregational Work Day will be Saturday, August 1, 2020.  Start at 8:30 and finish by 11:30

Hand sanitizer and disinfectant is located throughout the facilities.  Use as directed.  We purchased an electronic back pack sanitizer machine.  Applictions will be performed sfter all church services, after or before Preschool classes and camps.

Thank you Pat and Carol Pijinowski who donated the funds for the purchase of the machine.

Honor Jackson County COVID-19 restrictions. BSLC weekly news will provide updates to the requirements.

There is a food donation bin at the FLC front entrance and is checked daily.  Donated items will be placed in our pantry and will be dispersed as we get requests.  We also assist Prairie View Elementary for their food pantry.  Thank you for your generosity. 

Stay safe!!

Contact Rick for any volunteering.

Thanks you and God Bless

BSLC Trustee Report

1 Corinthians 10:31, "Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."

The Trustees generally have a Congregational Work Day scheduled for the first Saturday of each month.  When those days fall on a holiday weekend or in conflict with Church events,  we will adjust the schedule.  

Any Church member, family, or friend is invited to help out.  Our goal is to make our campus an inviting place to visit and worship.

We do not have to wait for the Congregational Work Days to complete the various projects.  Some members may have time during the week or other Saturdays to complete them.  Contact me if you are interested in completing some small projects.

Reminder:  When a member or guest is hosting an activity that has food provided, make sure that the trash is discarded after the activity.  Also make sure the kitchen has been cleaned thoroughly.  Break down boxes before you put them in the dumpster.

Thank you,

Rick Chapman

Trustees Committee


Campus Improvements
July 2019 to July 2020

Thank you for your generosity
1 Corinthians 10:31 "Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."

Security: Add 6 additional cameras and 5 additional monitors

Add electronic card access to FLC and basement entrances

Add 2 basement classroom entry buttons

Add light pole near front FLC entrance

Replace outside security lights (FLC East and Youth Patio)


Health: Replace toilets and faucets basement rest rooms

Replace counter tops and faucets in main floor rest rooms

Clean ceiling ducts in FLC

Scrub and wax flooring in FLC, polish remainder of facility

Apply electrostatic disinfectant to facility due to coronavirus


Facility: Add new Preschool classroom in basement, occupied in August

Add addition to Playground, double the size

Replace lighting with LED in FLC kitchen, offices, youth room, classrooms

Replace appliances in FLC kitchen

Paint Sacristy, basement rest room and Kitchen, copy room, FLC hallways

Remodel basement kitchen, add dishwasher, washer/dryer, new stove

Move food pantry to former basement office, consolidate with Sunday School/Preschool

Bury basement sump pump drainage tile, lower level

Replace outside sump pump, lower level

Recoat parking lots with sealant and paint

Add memorial plaque on fountain in memory of Joyce Dustman

Speed bumps are for 2-5 MPH.  Please follow speed limit, especially during preschool drop off and pick up times, church services, Upward Basketball, and any other church activity.

Donation bin cleared twice a month - clothing taken to Blessings Abound in Overland Parkat 103rd and Metcalf.  Check out the store.  They have a selection of everything imaginable.

Please have items placed in plastic bags and tied.  Loose items can get wet.  Clothing and shoes onlyNO TOYS.   DO NOT dispose of anything on the ground outside the bin.


MAJOR PROJECTS COMPLETED:  The new preschool classromm addition was completed in August 2019.  First full day classes were held on August 19.  Praise GOD for this special place to teach our children.  God Bless the teachers and the new students.

Also check on the remodeling of the basement kitchen.  It will serve us well.  Thank you for all the donated funds and donated time and for the great contractors who helped make this possible. Added new stove, countertop, sinks and faucets, 50 gal hot water tank, microwave, dishwasher, and stackable washer and dryer.

SECURITY:  Take notice on the signage on doors.  Entrance doors are locked at all times. Some interior doors are locked during preschool hours.  Additionl security precautions will be added in the near future.

Additional cameras and monitors have been added in March 2020.  We now have 10 cameras and 6 monitors.

The entrances to the FLC main door and the lower entrance door now have electronic card access in March 2020.  Members who require access will be given a card, and all keys will be handed in.  Lisa, in the office, controls the dispersement of the cards.

A new light pole for the front FLC entrance has been installed.  The security light above the youth patio has also be replaced with new LED lighting. 

The FLC east, outside security lights have been replaced with brighter LED lighting.

INTERIOR LIGHTING:  New LED lighting has been installed in the FLC classrooms, offices, kitchen, and hallways.  In the basement, LED lighting has been installed in Youth Room, classrooms, Trustee office, kitchen, and Finance office.  These lights are programable and will dim and shut off as the timer permits.  The remaining lights on shedule for replcement are the library lights and the small classroom in the basement.  These are estimated to be installed by mid August.

HEALTH:  Replaced (3) toilets and (3) faucets in basement rest rooms.  Replaced counter tops and faucets in main rest rooms.  The FLC gym upper, round ducts were cleaned in November 2019.  The entire facilty was trested with electrostatic disinfectant on March 16, 2020.  We have our own electrostatic machine.  Thank you to Pat and Carol Pijinowski for thier enerousity.  The machine was very hard to find.  Many thanks to DSG Equipment on Winner Rd in KCMO for reserving a machine for us.

OTHER:  The old Sunday school office in the basement has been converted into a food pantry.  Do not add any other items to that room without approval.  The pantry is managed by Donna and Paul Boenisch.

Future plans:  

Add monitor (TV) and other electronics to conference room

Add monitors (TV's) to class rooms 100 and 101

Add smart TV to basement meeting area

Design basement open area into a more pleasing reception space for rest and entertinment.

Painting in selected rooms, hallways, etc. (ongoing).  Completed in April - Sacristy, Basement handicap rest room, FLC hallways and stairwell.

Paint outside of facility (Summer 2020)

Paint railings in front of Church and at back patio

Complete garage rest room with water hook up (Spring 2021)

Replace library lighting and small basement classroom with LED (ordered)

Replace water lines and sprinklers in Prayer Garden

Repair drainage from patio to retention pond (July 2020)

Add shade to the playground (August 2020, 1st phase)

Take a look at the new appiances in the FLC kitchen.  There was a very generous donation of two new refrigerators and two new stoves from an anonimous family.  The units are top of the line and look great.

Two new dishwashers have also been instsalled.  Thanks to another generous donor.

Many thanks to a member who continually donates to the repair costs of our Grasshopper mowing machine.

With the generous donation from another anonymous donor, several facility projects have been completed as noted above.

There are so many smaller projects and regular maintenance items that are ongoing. 

We would appreciate any donations for diesel fuel for mowing and propane for grille.


Contact Rick for any help with labor or any donations.



















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