Children's Ministry (Birth - 4th Grade)

Children's Ministry Coordinator: Erika Troester

Sunday School classes are now back in session! For kids ages 3 through 4th grade we have Crafts from 9:00-9:20am, Opening from 9:20-9:30am and Class from 9:30-10:30am. Crafts and Opening are both in the Basement Round Tables area. And the Classes for 5th through 12th grade go from 9:30-10:30am.

Room Assignments:

Preschool and Kindergarten – Rooms 103-104
1st and 2nd Grade – Room 100
3rd and 4th Grade – Basement Round Tables
5th through 8th Grade – Conference Room
High School – Youth Room

   Adult Bible Class – Family Life Center

Midweek & Confirmation – Midweek (K – 4) and Confirmation (5th – 8th grade) are underway! We meet on Wednesday nights from 6:30 to 8:00. We’re having volunteers help us take temperatures from 6:25-6:45pm each Wednesday, so please do your best to arrive during that time! Midweek students enter through the basement doors and Confirmation students and high schoolers enter through the FLC doors. If you need more information, contact the church office.

Get your My Devotions (ages 8-12) and Happy Times activity books (ages 3-5)!  These books are great free devotional resources for your family!  Pick one up at the Communication Center or downstairs at the Sunday School sign-in table.

Children's Ministry Resources

This resource is an 8 part video series that Group Publishing produced about Jesus’ power and how it gives us hope and calms our fears! Each video includes a song, Bible passage, discussion questions and a couple of activities! Click here to access the videos!

This is a list of 13 simple and fun activities you can do together as a family, including tips for how to have family time! Some of these activities include having a movie marathon or a slumber party in the living room! Click here to find the list of activities!

These are tips and tricks for creating your own Prayer Pail! The tips this resource includes are different items to use when making your pail as well as suggestions on what to write on your prayer sticks! Overall, it’s a cool way to get your whole family to intentionally pray about specific topics like friends, family, neighbors and more! To find more information about Prayer Pails, click here!

This resource is a printable table topics document for fun, family conversations! Some of the table topic questions are: If you had one wish what would it be, would you rather live in the future or the past, and what is your favorite game to play. The article includes a few directions and tips as well! Click here to access this resource!

This arcticle includes 10 different activities you can do with sidewalk chalk! There are activities like: making a 2D obstacle course, drawing out constellations and using rocks as the stars, and making water balloon bullseye! For more information about these fun, outdoor activities click here!

This resource is a link to a resource library on the website: fishbowl family. We're especially recommending the Sermon Notes document! This free document has spaces for kids to write their favorite song from the church service, things they’ll pray about, the Bible passage that was focused on in the sermon and a place to draw a scene from the sermon! You will need to submit your first name and email address to get emailed the password for the resource library! Once you get the password, just scroll through the resource library until you find the “Sermon Notes for Kids” document! Click here for the link to the library and then just scroll down the page to submit your first name and email!

For some great Christian kids music check out the youtube channel: Go Fish Kids Music! This channel has tons of Christian songs for kids! There are songs about Christmas, the Fruits of the Spirit and songs to help kids learn the order of the books of the Bible! To check out this youtube channel, check here!

This resource is called: "The Bible App for Kids" by Life.Church! This is a great, free app that can be downloaded on android and apple devices! The app reads aloud Bible stories, asks questions and has interactive pictures that go along with the reading. To get this app, just search for "The Bible App for Kids" by Life.Church and look for the app that has a yellow background with Jesus on it! 

For a great document with conversation starters for your family check out the link below! There are questions like: what would you wish for if you had one wish, where would you fly if you had wings and if you could be in any movie, what would you choose? To get this resource, click here!

This resource is a list of 50 different indoor activities you can do with your kids! Some of these activities include using crepe paper to make an obstacle course, a few activities using ping pong balls, tossing paper plates or building forts! There are many more ideas and activities listed in the article that would be great to try out as the weather will be getting cooler! If you want to check out this list, click here!

This is an article with different activities to make family devotional time fun and creative! Some of the ideas include acting out the Bible stories you’re reading or using giant sticky notes to draw out what happened in the Bible passage! Click here to access this list of creative ideas and activities!

This resource is tips for praying with your toddler! The article includes some sample prayers that you could pray with your toddler and ways to keep prayer simple, but effective! Click here to read the article!

This article includes 21 fun ways for kids to study the Bible! Some ideas use crafts, other ideas are for Bible memorization and there’s some games too. Click here to read the article and find your kid’s favorite way to study the Bible! 

Do you need some activity ideas to keep boredom away? This article gives you step-by-step directions for how to create your own “boredom buster jar” filled with free activities you can do at home, activities that cost under $10 and activities that cost a little more! Check out these boredom busting ideas here!

This is an article that the YouVersion Bible app published in response to the question: what can I do about sibling rivalry? They have some great tips and ideas like: how to unite your family around a common vision or how to celebrate each family member for their unique value! Click here to read more of their tips and responses to the question about sibling rivalry!

This resource includes ideas and ways to increase quality family time! Some of the ideas include finding 15 minutes during the day to spend with your family or ways to spend one-on-one time with each of your kids! Click here to read the article!

This article includes a list of 50 different outdoor activities for kids! Some of the ideas require a few special items to work, but other ideas include: outdoor scavenger hunts, using sidewalk chalk and making a bike obstacle course! Click here to access the list of activities! 

This resource is a list of 20 backyard activities, most of them being simple DIY’s with common household items! Some of the activities include: a pool noodle obstacle course, clothespin tag and water balloon pinata! Click here for the list of backyard activities!

2020 - 2021 Seasonal Events

Education CalendarAugust 2019 - July 2020

Midweek/Confirmation:  Sept. 9, 2020. Midweek, Confirmation & Small Groups begin 6:30 pm.

Sunday School Starts: August 30, 2020. Fall Sunday School Begins.

Upward Basketball:  TBD

1st Grade Bible Presentation:  TBD

Trunk or Treat: TBD

Advent Season: November 29 - December 24, 2020

Christmas Program: TBD

Christmas Break: Dec 23 - December 30, 2020. No Sunday School or Midweek.

Lent Season: February 26 - April 12, 2021

Spring Break: March 31, 2021

Easter Sunday: April 4, 2021

Vacation Bible School:  Aug 10 - 12, 2020



Making sure our children are safe is a huge priority at any of our BSLC's functions.  As the congregation grows, we want to make sure that our risk level stays at a low.  One of the steps in doing this, is implementing a background check policy.  With this policy, which was approved by both the Elders and the Council, anyone who is 18 and older and volunteers with minors will need to complete a background check.

Please click here to begin the short screening process


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