November 2018   
This Week's Events


6:00 PM
Traditional Worship in the Sanctuary.
Trustee Corner


Next Congregational Work Day

Congregational Work Day

Saturday, December 1, 2018

8:30 to 11:30 am

Coffee and donuts


Trim tall grasses

Clean entrance mats

Clean trash containers
Clean windows, inside
Clean utility rooms and closets

Please take note:  The annual Christmas decoration activity will be held on Friday, November 30.  Details will be in the Church bulletins and newsletter.

Thank you!

Rick Chapman

Ongoing Projects:

** Clean window blinds in all offices and other rooms

** Vacuum church pews

** Keep FLC kitchen clean: refrigerators, blinds, window shelves, cabinets

Please contact me if you are able to help with any small projects.

Rick Chapman

BSLC Trustee Report

1 Corinthians 10:31, "Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."

The Trustees generally have a Congregational Work Day scheduled for the first Saturday of each month.  When those days fall on a holiday weekend or in conflict with Church events,  we will adjust the schedule.  

Any Church member, family, or friend is invited to help out.  Our goal is to make our campus an inviting place to visit and worship.

We do not have to wait for the Congregational Work Days to complete the various projects.  Some members may have time during the week or other Saturdays to complete them.  Contact me if you are interested in completing some small projects.


Thank you,

Rick Chapman

Trustees Committee


Projects funded by Growing Up In Every Way:

Funds available:                                                             $52,619

Projects completed:

HVAC units                                                                       $15,237

Narthex Door repairs                                                      $ 4,456

Light Fixtures (LED) - main floor                                  $ 4,600

Parking lot lights (LED)                                                  $ 2,684

Rest room remodel (2) preschool)                               $ 2,514

Stairway step treads                                                      $ 1,385

Toilets                                                                               $ 1,012

Security cameras                                                            $ 7,010

Locks for Preschool rooms                                           $ 926

Conference room/FLC rest rooms                               $ 704

Emergency LED lighting                                                 $ 385

Walk behind trimmer                                                      $ 279

FLC rest rooms                                                               $ 1,375

Tree removal                                                                   $ 1,700

Basement class room remodel                                   $ 705

Carpet in basement class rooms                                $ 1,115

Fountain repairs                                                             $ 973

Security devise for basement class room                 $ 132

FLC kitchen sink, faucet, disposal                              $ 1,000 


Balance                                                                            $ 4,967


Speed bumps added in upper parking lot. Speed bumps are for 2-5 MPH.  Please follow speed limit, especially during school drop off and pick up times, church servises, Upward Basketball, and any other church activity.

Donation bins cleared twice a month - clothing taken to Blessings Abound in Overland Parkat 103rd and Metcalf.


Future plans:  

Add additional security cameras.  

Add card reader access to FLC entrance.  

Construct class room in basement.

Replace west wall sink in FLC kitchen with a single-tub sink, new faucet, and add a disposal.

Add monitor (TV) and other electronics to conference room

Add monitors (TV's) to class rooms 100 and 101