July 2018  
This Week's Events


Trad. Worship
8:00 AM
Traditional service in the Sanctuary.
Education Hour
9:15 AM
Sunday School for Children and Youth.
Bible Study for Adults.
Trad. Worship
10:30 AM
Traditional service in the Sanctuary.
Cont. Worship
10:45 AM
Contemporary Service in Family Life Center.
FIRE Pool Party
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM




6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
9:00 PM to 1:00 PM




6:00 PM
Traditional Worship in the Sanctuary.
Trustee Corner


Next Congregational Work Day is July 7, 2018.  

We encourage our members to participate in keeping the facilities and grounds in good repair.


Notice the removal of the trees in the parking lot island.  The trees were blocking the middle parking lot lights.  Therer is now more lighting which improved our security in those spaces.

The tree roots were starting to affect the asphalt and concrete curbs, so by removing them at this time, we will prevent further damage in those areas.  The trees will be replaced with shrubs this fall.  We will also improve the irrigation of the island for the plant growth.




Campus improvements funded by Growing Up In Every Way:

  1. Replacement HVAC  systems.  
  2. The Narthex entrance doors have new mechanisms.  
  3. LED lighting in old hallways and preschool rooms has been completed.  Drywall repair will be scheduled.
  4. New step treads have been installed in old stairway.  The stairway area has also been repainted.  
  5. Security cameras are being estimated
  6. LED lighting has been installed in parking lot.  
  7. Two prescholl rest rooms on main floor have been remodeled.
  8. Reconfigure basement class room.
  9. (6) new toilets have been installed to replace old ones.
  10. (4) security cameras have been installed.  Smile, you're on Candid camera....(4) more to be added in near future)
  11. Purchased new walk behind trimmer.
  12. Removed trees from Island. Removed other dead trees, shrubs.
  13. FLC rest room counter tops and faucets to be completed in July.


Volunteers are welcome for any of these Ongoing Projects:

Floor Mats:                    Clean outside floor mats: FLC front and rear; Church entrance, lower entrance

Trash bins:                     Clean trash containers in FLC

FLC:                                Clear sidewalk at rear of FLC (kitchen entrance)

Kitchen:                          Clean refrigerators, cabinets

Pews:                              Vacuum pews     

Windows:                       Clean inside and outside windows     

Storage rooms:             Keep organized and clean

Light bulbs:                    Replace as necessary

Ceiling tiles:                   Replace as necessary

Cove moldings:             Replace as necessary


Separate notices will be posted for special projects

Some projects can be completed at the availability of volunteers other than the scheduled work days.  Contact Rick for more details or for volunteering on specific projects.

Upcoming Projects:

Kitchen remodel, sinks

Basement preschool remodel

Build storage closet(s) in basement

Paint outside of FLC

Paint others rooms as deemed necessary

Ceilings - Hallway, rest rooms, class rooms (drywall repair and paint)

Special note:  please pour liquid from cans, bottles, cups into a sink before discarding into trash containers.  Liquids could leak and make unnecessary spills.

City Wide Maintenance has been selected for our custodial services.

Contact Rick if there are any questions.


BSLC Trustee Report

1 Corinthians 10:31, "Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."

The Trustees generally have a Congregational Work Day scheduled for the first Saturday of each month.  When those days fall on a holiday weekend or in conflict with Church events,  we will adjust the schedule.  

Any Church member, family, or friend is invited to help out.  Our goal is to make our campus an inviting place to visit and worship.

Upcoming projects, beyond normal maintenance, include the following: replace last basement hot water tank,  painting, other basement upgrades, and and other projects as they develop.    

We do not have to wait for the Congregational Work Days to complete the various projects.  Some members may have time during the week or other Saturdays to complete them.  Contact me if you are interested in completing some small projects.


Thank you,

Rick Chapman

Trustees Committee

816-812-5718   micksrick@att.net

Completed Projects to be listed soon