May 2018  
This Week's Events


6:00 PM
Traditional Worship in the Sanctuary.
Trustee Corner


Next Congregational Work Day is May 5, 2018.  

We encourage our members to participate in keeping the facilities and grounds in good repair.

Ongoing Projects:

Trim tree branches on tree in front of garage.

Adjust door stops on a few doors.

Clean windows, inside and outside.

Organize and clean all storage closets

Replace ceiling fixture bulbs in facility.

Replace ceiling tiles in facility.

Replace cove moldings where needed

Please contact Rick Chapman at 816-812-5718.

Campus improvements funded by Growing Up In Every Way:

  1. Replacement HVAC  systems.  
  2. The Narthex entrance doors have new mechanisms.  
  3. LED lighting in old hallways and preschool rooms has been completed.  Drywall repair will be scheduled.
  4. New step treads have been installed in old stairway.  The stairway area has also been repainted.  
  5. Security cameras are being estimated
  6. LED lighting has been installed in parking lot.  
  7. Two prescholl rest rooms on main floor have been remodeled.
  8. Reconfigure basement class room.
  9. (6) new toilets have been installed to replace old ones.
  10. (4) security cameras have been installed.  Smile, you're on Candid camera....



(1) Conference room:        Insulate north wall and ceiling (Thrivent Action team)

(2) Pastor Chris office:     Insulate north wall and ceiling (Thrivent Action Team)

(3) FLC Rest Rooms:         Insulate ceilings (Thrivent Action Team)

(4) Floor Mats:                    Clean outside floor mats: FLC front and rear; Church entrance, lower entrance

(5) Trash bins:                     Clean trash containers in FLC

(6) FLC:                                Clear sidewalk at rear of FLC (kitchen entrance)

(7) BB Goals:                      Move basketball goals from FLC to garage

(8) BBQ grille:                    Assemble new grille (in garage)

(9) Kitchen:                          Clean refrigerators, cabinets

(10) Pews:                             Vacuum pews     

(11) Windows:                     Clean inside windows         


Separate notices will be posted for special projects

Some projects can be completed at the availability of volunteers other than the scheduled work days.  Contact Rick for more details or for volunteering on specific projects.

Upcoming Projects:

Kitchen remodel

Basement preschool remodel

Build storage closet(s) in basement

Paint outside of FLC

Paint others rooms as deemed necessary

Ceilings - Hallway, rest rooms, class rooms (drywall repair and paint)

Cut tall grass

Replace old cove moldings (floor to lower wall)

Faucet replacement in FLC rest rooms

Special note:  please pour liquid from cans, bottles, cups into a sink before discarding into trash containers.  Liquids could leak and make unnecessary spills.

City Wide Maintenance has been selected for our custodial services.

Contact Rick if there are any questions.


BSLC Trustee Report

1 Corinthians 10:31, "Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."

The Trustees generally have a Congregational Work Day scheduled for the first Saturday of each month.  When those days fall on a holiday weekend or in conflict with Church events,  we will adjust the schedule.  

Any Church member, family, or friend is invited to help out.  Our goal is to make our campus an inviting place to visit and worship.

Upcoming projects, beyond normal maintenance, include the following: replace last basement hot water tank,  painting, other basement upgrades, and and other projects as they develop.    

We do not have to wait for the Congregational Work Days to complete the various projects.  Some members may have time during the week or other Saturdays to complete them.  Contact me if you are interested in completing some small projects.


Thank you,

Rick Chapman

Board of Trustees


Completed Projects since January 23 meeting

Custodial & maintenance; City Wide starts Feb 26

Clothing donations taken to Blessings Abound

Exterminator -  mouse traps placed in facility

Replace mail box and post

State inspection for preschool


Upcoming Projects from Budget for 2018:

Install wall holders in Sanctuary for the Acolyte lighting poles


Projects funded by Growing Up In Every Way:

Funds received:                                                           $43,024

Total costs spent:        HVAC                                     $15,237

                                      Doors                                     $  4,456

                                      Step Treads                           $  1,385

                                      LED Lighting-Hall/Rooms      $ 4,600

                                    Rest Room remodels              $ 2,514

                                    LED Parking Lights                  $ 2,684

                                    Security Cameras                    $ 6,958 

                                    Toilets (6)                                $  1,012

                                    Class door handles/locks        $     926

            Fund balance after payments:                        $  3,252


Upcoming Projects to be funded by Growing Up In Every Way:

Conference room wall and ceiling insulation (with Thrivent Action Team)

Kitchen remodel

Drywall repairs at light fixture removal openings

Additional  parking lot lighting

(4) more security cameras

New faucets (4) for FLC rest rooms

Paint exterior of buildings

Obtain estimates for FLC dehumidifier

Summer: Lower entrance - outside:  add fence in front of A/C units

Replace the last 20-year old HVAC unit

Key FOB system


Basement preschool classroom.  Project is on hold for all new classroom.

Remodel existing basement classroom and rest rooms