December 2017  
This Week's Events
  • “Echoes of Joy”

    Christmas Program
    December 16 at 6:00 pm

  • Here we come a-caroling!

    Sunday, December 17,
    from 3:00 - 5:00
    FIRE students and all others

  • Advent

    Dec 3-25, 2018

  • Respite Care

    December 17 from 2:00-5:00

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Trustee Corner




The Advent meal for December 13 is sponsored by Early Child Care and the Trustees.  Soups will be the main course.

Please review the sign up Genius and sign up for meals and/or helping out with preparations,  set up or tear down.

Also, please try to attend the Christmas decoration event this Friday night, starting at 6:30.  There will be refreshments to start the evening.

We have a new Christmas tree for the Sanctuary, so I am sure you would want to see it first hand.

Lastly, the Congregational work day for this Saturday will be minimal.

We have a couple people working on building shelf units int eh FLC music storage room.

Then in the garage, we need to move the old basketball goals to the front of the left side.  They will soon be offered for sale, and we would like then to have easier access to them.

Thank you,  Rick.

We encourage our members to participate in keeping the facilities and grounds in good repair.

Ongoing Projects:

Trim tree branches on tree in front of garage.

Adjust door stops on a few doors.

Clean windows, inside and outside.

Organize and clean all storage closets

Replace ceiling fixture bulbs in facility.

Replace ceiling tiles in facility.

Replace cove moldings where needed

Please contact Rick Chapman at 816-812-5718 or 

**  The roof has been replaced over the offices and FLC.

The lower entrance landscape is being updated.  Looks good!  Thanks Chuck Palmer..

New LED lights added to parking lot light poles.

Take a look at the remodelling in the main floor preschool rest rooms.  Thank you Lewis and Derek Bechtel.

Coming soon:  new front entrance sign, electronic.  Thank you anonymous donor !!

Campus improvements funded by Growing Up In Every Way:

  1. Replacement HVAC  systems.  
  2. The Narthex entrance doors have new mechanisms.  
  3. LED lighting in old hallways and preschool rooms has been completed.  Drywall repair will be scheduled.
  4. New step treads have been installed in old stairway.  The stairway area has also been repainted.  
  5. Security cameras are being estimated
  6. LED lighting has been installed in parking lot.  
  7. Two prescholl rest rooms on main floor have been remodeled.
  8. Reconfigure basement class room.

Rick Chapman has resumed the custodial and other facility duties.  There is a lot of things to manage.  Please contact Rick and offer your services.  Our goal is to keep our facilties safe and attractive.

Next Congregational Work Day is November 11, 9:00 to Noon.    Breakfast refreshments will be served.

Main Projects: clean chairs and repair tables in FLC; clean windows; clean FLC pantry; clean storage closets, place ice melt and containers at entrances

Please plan to help.  Contact me if you can help during any other day.


Special note:  please pour liquid from cans, bottles, cups into a sink before discarding into trash containers.  Liquids could leak and make unnecessary spills.





BSLC Trustee Report

1 Corinthians 10:31, "Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."

The Trustees generally have a Congregational Work Day scheduled for the first Saturday of each month.  When those days fall on a holiday weekend or in conflict with Church events,  we will adjust the schedule.  

Any Church member, family, or friend is invited to help out.  Our goal is to make our campus an inviting place to visit and worship.

Upcoming projects, beyond normal maintenance, include the following: replace last basement hot water tank,  painting, other basement upgrades, and and other projects as they develop.    

We do not have to wait for the Congregational Work Days to complete the various projects.  Some members may have time during the week or other Saturdays to complete them.  Contact me if you are interested in completing some small projects.


Thank you,

Rick Chapman

Board of Trustees




BSLC Trustee Report

 Council Meeting October 16, 2017

1 Corinthians 10:31

"Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."

Completed Projects since September 18, 2017 meeting

October 7 work day; 1 volunteer  no one showed up with a key to enter

Parking Lot LED lights installed Oct. 13

First floor pre-school rest rooms remodeled Oct 13

Custodial & maintenance: Some equipment purchased

Lawn maintenance; fountain maintenance; mulch in island

Church Mutual; roofing company has submitted updated cost to Church Mutual for added costs; waiting for adjustors comments and adjustments

Basement entrance appearance enhancements (in process Palmer's)

Upcoming Projects for 2017:

Roof replacement scheduled October 30-31

Drywall repairs at light fixture removal openings

Add access door for basement classroom

Install wall holders in Sanctuary & FLC for the Acolyte lighting poles

Obtain estimates for FLC dehumidifier

Paint FLC rest rooms, 1st floor preschool rest rooms , other rooms as needed

Obtain clothing donation container (one is available at Blessings Abound).  On order

Continue as needed: Purchase cleaning/maintenance equipment

Projects funded by Growing Up In Every Way:

Narthex entrance doors; replace mechanical mechanisms, completed

Funds received as of August 31                                  $38,142

Total costs spent:        HVAC                                     $15,237

                                      Doors                                     $  4,456

                                      Step Treads                           $  1,300

                                      LED Lighting-Hall/Rooms      $ 4,600

                                    Preschool rest rooms              $ 1,830

                                    LED Parking Lights                  $ 2,684

            Fund balance after payments:                        $  8,035


Upcoming Projects to be funded by Growing Up In Every Way:

Reconfigure basement preschool classroom

Summer: Lower entrance - outside:  add fence in front of A/C units

Rest room flooring & toilet replacements; 1981 & 1998 sections

Add parking lot light pole(s), one or two, need study

Add security cameras at entrances (estimate $5100, $6800)

Replace the last 20-year old HVAC unit (2018)

Key FOB system


Basement preschool classroom.  Project is on hold and will evaluate in fall.