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Korey’s Farewell Lunch – Join us as we say “God bless” and “farewell” to DCE Korey Danley.  On January 14th, we will have an opportunity to show our appreciation for his years of service and give him a kind sendoff.  We will have lunch together at noon in the Family Life Center.  The main course, KC BBQ, and cake will be provided.  Please bring a side dish to share.  See you there!

Meet our Director of Christian Education (DCE)

Korey Danley is the Director of Christian Education (DCE) at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, Lee's Summit, Missouri.  At BSLC, Korey works primarliy with Children's and Youth Ministries.  Korey enjoys working in children's and youth ministries because he enjoys hanging out and building relationship with the youth, as well as having the opportunity to share his faith in order to help others see who Jesus is and build a life changing relationship with him.

Growing up, Korey enjoyed spending time in the outdoors, and was also active in 4-H, multiple middle school and high school choirs, as well as multiple high school musical and play productions.  Korey was also active in his high school church youth group, as well as the LC-MS South Dakota District Youth Board.

After high school graduation, Korey attended South Dakota State University, then transferred and graduated from Concordia University, Nebraska.  Korey graduated with a degree in Theology, along with earning his Director of Christian Education Certificate, emphasizing in both youth and family ministries.
At Concordia, Korey met his wife, Tiffany.  Korey and Tiffany were united in marriage in May of 2007.  They both began their professions at Trinity Lutheran Church & School in Litchfield Park, Arizona.  After five years, they moved to Lee's Summit, MO, where Korey is currently serving.  Korey and Tiffany are proud parents of two daughters, Tenley and Sybianna.
When Korey is not at work, he enjoys watching reality TV shows and movies with his wife, hanging out with family and friends, spending time outdoors, and camping.

Hey BSLC!  Let’s B.O.P!

Recently, I learned of a family who had these three letters, B.O.P., written on their daughter’s to-do list posted on the refrigerator.  When asked what B.O.P. meant, there was an unexpected explanation. “B.O.P. means ‘Blessing Other People.’  Each week or when we can, our family finds a way to bless someone else.”  HOW COOL IS THAT!? 

How about a challenge to our Beautiful Savior family?  As we continue on Year 2 of Growing up in Every Way, we are striving to Grow in Service, serving God and His people.  What would it look like if every BSLC household serves their community, congregation, neighbors, friends, co-workers, or whomever you come into contact with?  B.O.P.-ing can be done by all people, singles, couples, and kids.  What a great way to bring your family together to share God’s Love each week for an entire year.

This is how it works.  Each week or day, we challenge your family to find a way to B.O.P. (Bless Other People).  Maybe family members could take turns with the assignment.  Agree on the plan ahead of time, and work it out together.  And what might come of blessing other people?  I suspect you all will be blessed too.  While we are B.O.P.-ing…  I believe God will bless us!

So B.O.P. away!  Look over the list provided for ideas, or come up with your own.  Get creative! Let’s get started right away.  Start talking about your B.O.P. plans around the dinner table or while you’re driving.  A reminder for our young ones, this is not about getting credit or glory… but it is about Boldly Sharing the Love of Christ through serving others.

As we B.O.P, let’s share them with each other.  Sometime soon, across the hall from my office, you will see our Growing up in Every Way logo.  As you carry out B.O.P.s, you will be able to share it by writing a brief summary on a leaf post-it note, and posting it on the tree.  Where appropriate, take a picture and send it to to post in social media and/or the bulletin board.   You may also want to share how someone has blessed you!  The purpose of this sharing is to encourage others to join the “B.O.P. movement” and to give ideas.  If you have any questions, please contact me. 

May God bless you as you serve Him!


DCE Korey Danley

B.O.P. Ideas:

1.   Be kind (especially to someone that challenges your kindness).  Ask God to bless them.

2.   Smile—more and a lot!  Smile at those you don’t know—in the store, at the restaurant, in school…

3.   Be thoughtful in traffic.  Let someone else cut in front of you.  Pray a blessing for them!

4.   Return loose shopping carts to the cart return.  At Aldi—offer a cart without taking the quarter!

5.   Hold the door for someone.  Offer a “God Bless You” while you do.

6.   Offer to carry groceries for someone.

7.   Wave (vigorously) at a school bus driver, mailman, or other worker that needs recognition.

8.   Bake cookies or brownies--for your local police station, fire station or EMT’s.

9.   Send a note --- This could be for a birthday or anniversary that you don’t usually remember---OR

10. To someone who is alone or someone who needs encouragement

11. To someone you love or to someone you need to love more

12. To someone you can thank or to someone who is sad

13. Draw a picture for a friend.  (Frame it!)

14. Take a special treat to a teacher, school secretary, janitor or other support staff.

15. Give your gently used toys and clothes to the Salvation Army or Goodwill.

16. Give eye contact when greeting people today (you might even add a smile!).

17. Donate extra items to the food pantry this month.

18. Leave an extra generous tip for a waiter or waitress (whether you’ve gotten great service—or not).

19. Leave a tip for a housekeeping person in a hotel--add a note of thanks.

20. Pay it forward when you are at the drive-through. 

21. Offer “blessing bags” (bottled water, granola bar, candy bar, nuts or fruit) for someone holding a “need food” or “out of work” sign.  Don’t forget a note of encouragement!  Pray, too!

22. Do a random act of kindness at work or school. 

23. Sit by someone at lunch that could use a friend—be sincerely interested in them.

24. Make a meal for a family that could use a break.  Pray for them. 

25. Do childcare for a family—so Mom and Dad get a night out.  (could be a family project!)

26. Choose one person or family to pray for—ALL DAY.  (Breakfast, lunch, breaks, dinner and bedtime).

27. Invite a family in for game night and snacks.

28. Offer to rake (or vacuum) for a friend or neighbor. (with their permission but not for payment!)

29. Do your siblings’ chores for the week without reward. 

30. Do your spouse’s chores for the week….without expecting reward or acknowledgement. 

31. Bring a cup of coffee to a co-worker. 

32. Leave a small bouquet of flowers (anonymously) for someone who needs cheering up.

33. Hug someone that might not expect it!

34. Visit or call someone in the hospital.  Pray, too!

35. Leave used Christian magazines or devotionals in your doctor’s waiting room or other waiting room.

36. Share used books that have blessed you with a friend.

37. Serve a Saturday morning at BSLC’s Trustee Work Day.

38. Sign up with Brad Holmes to usher during worship services.

39. Sign up with Tiffany Danley to be a Guest Reader at Abounding Love Preschool.

40. Post positive Bible verses on Social Media throughout the week.

41. Bake cookies for a neighbor.

42. Support a neighbor kid by attending their sporting event.

43. Tape change to a parking meter

44. Handwrite a letter to someone who impacted your life.

45. Bring someone a souvenir.

46. Share your artistic skills by making a gift for a friend or neighbor.

47. Laughter is good for you! Share an appropriate laugh on Social Media or text message.

48. Write positive comments uplifting people on a blog or social media.

49. Recognize other people’s gifts on their social media.

50. Write positive sticky notes and hang them around the office, hallways, gas pumps, etc.

51. Make an Easter basket for a neighbor.

52. Collect your pocket change for a cause.

53. Leave a May Basket on your neighbor’s doorstep.

54. Host a fire pit or block party for your neighbors.

DCE Korey Attends Karpenko Institute for Nurturing & Developing Leadership Excellence (K.I.N.D.L.E.)


For the next two years, DCE Korey will be taking part in a Servant-Leadership Training experience through KINDLE.  KINDLE’s mission is "to foster and multiply Christ-like servant leaders to enhance the ministry of congregations in their communities and the world.”  Through this learning experience designed specifically to enhance DCE ministry, Korey and the congregation of Beautiful Savior will benefit by him attending four on-site 1-week learning events, textbook readings, and weekly online small-group meetings.  As Korey moves through the training process, he will also begin teaching classes on the life of a Christ-like Servant Leader to the congregation.

Benefits to the Congregation

When a commissioned minister attends KINDLE, the congregation served will gain a staff member who:

is a healthier, more intentional Christ-like Servant Leader.

desires to develop an ongoing leadership development process within his/her ministry area.

possesses resources for creating generations of Christ-like Servant Leaders, both inside and outside of the congregation.

is able to coach lay leaders in their pursuit of a Servant Leader growth plan.

keeps his/her ministry area focused on Christ-like servant leadership in home, workplace, congregation, and community.

Benefits to the Church Professional

The Learning Cycle is a wonderful opportunity for those seeking to be challenged to grow further as a productive, resourceful congregational professional who desires to be a Christ-like Servant Leader and who seeks to prepare those he/she serves to also foster and multiply Christ-like Servant Leaders.

In pursuit of this challenge, there are five major emphases at the heart of the KINDLE process…

Leadership of Leaders

Stewardship of Self

Leadership of Groups

Stewardship of Faith

Coaching and Multiplying

As Korey moves through the training modules, he will begin teaching classes on the life of a Christ-like Servant Leader to the congregation.  If you are interested in learning about or brushing up your Servant Leadership skills, or learning more about the program, please contact Korey.  Please keep the KINDLE program and Korey in your prayers.


Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.

2 Corinthians 1:3-4.

On the afternoon of July 27, our family was faced with an obstacle in our lives we never thought would happen to us.  Our beautiful 14- month-old niece, Harper, was unexpectedly called home to Heaven.  Throughout my life, seeing news stories of tragic accidents always seemed distant.  I never thought there would be a day our family would be sitting in an emergency room watching breaking news notifications pop up on our phones regarding a close family member.  Heartbreak and devastation as a result of a sin-fallen world had struck our family.

At Harper’s Celebration of Life service, Harper’s Pastor used words from a popular children’s book and song, Going on a Bear Hunt.  In the story, a family decides to go on a bear hunt (what were they thinking!?).  As the family traveled, they came across different obstacles, which would be followed by the refrain:

“We can't go over it.

We can't go under it.

We can’t go around it.

Oh no!

We've got to go through it!”

Harper’s death is not something that we can go over, or go under.  We cannot simply pass by it.  It is something we must go through. I am not sure how we would go through this without the Hope we have in Jesus Christ.  It is through Jesus we receive comfort and His mighty peace.  The same Jesus who has Harper wrapped in His everlasting arms is the same Jesus who carries us through this and all obstacles in our lives.

Our extended and immediate family have been blessed beyond belief by God’s people.  God has worked in incredible ways through you and others to lift up our family in our time of sorrow.  You have reminded us this is not the end of Harper’s life, but a beautiful new chapter in her life, which she gained through the waters of Holy Baptism and Christ’s resurrection.  This comfort to the family has been brought in many different ways.  We thank you for the phone calls, text messages, cards, visits, food, gifts, as well as a visit from Jessy Comfort Dog of Concordia, MO.

Beautiful Savior, with the lead of Tricia Major, continues to be in pursuit of raising up a team and raising funds to begin the Comfort Dog ministry.  As I have been a part of multiple conversations regarding this ministry, I never pictured myself receiving its aid.  Jessy’s presence at Harper’s funeral was a great blessing and allowed Tiffany and me to view this ministry from a different perspective.  Jessy provided a safe place for mourners to grieve in a different way.  Jessy brought tears to some eyes, while bringing peace by lifting her paw to greet Tenley and Harper’s other cousins and friends, or gently laying her head on the lap of Harper’s big sister. 

Jessy and her handlers, Tricia Major and Lisa Smith, brought the comfort of Jesus that day.  Comfort came in the form of just being present, offering a hug, and on occasion a few words.  Jessy, Tricia, and Lisa were Christ’s tools to carry us through the most difficult time in our lives. 

This is our Comfort Dog story.

The Danley and Rodden families are thankful for the blessings of this ministry.  Tiffany and I are excited about the opportunity to personally be involved in this ministry and for the many opportunities Beautiful Savior will have to bring the comfort of Christ to others.  We invite you to jump on board with this ministry as you see fit. Please pray for this new ministry.  There are also opportunities for financial support, as well as participating on the Comfort Dog Ministry Team.  For detailed information, see the “Comfort Dog Corner” article in this newsletter.

We encourage you to continue to serve others, as our family was served in our time of grief.  May God continue to bless and use you in mighty ways as you serve Him.

In Christ Alone,

DCE Korey Danley