October 2017  
  • Bible Presentation to 1st graders

    During all services on Saturday, October 28, and Sunday, October 29.

  • FIRE Retreat

    October 27-29 at Tall Oaks Conference Center

  • Abounding Harvest

    November 4th at 5:30

  • A Reformation 500 Services
  • Kansas District Youth Gathering

    November 17-19

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2 Reasons 2 Give Electronically:

  1. Many people manage their accounts online already.  Giving your offering to the Lord electronically is a convenient yet intentional way to direct the sacrificial first fruits of what you earn to support the ministry of BSLC.
  2. Giving this way helps you to be regular and faithful even if you should miss a Sunday due to illness, bad weather, or travel.  The expenses of the church continue winter and summer.  The Gospel is at work in all seasons.


2 Ways 2 Give Electronically:

  1. Use your bank’s free online bill pay service.  Most banks allow you to pay your bills online.  You can give your offering to the Lord through that same service.  Set up BSLC as if it were a bill.  Then you can give your gift manually each time you receive your income, or even set up a recurring “payment.”
  2. Through a Lutheran Church Extension Fund service called Joyful Response you can have your offering automatically deducted from your account at a frequency and amount that you determine.  This is a great option for those who do not have an online bill pay service with their bank or are uncomfortable using it.  Use the easy form to start or change your electronic stewardship giving.  Forms can be found on the LCEF website or are available in the church office.  They should be submitted to the church office when complete.


2 Points 2 Remember:

  1. Giving is an act of worship done in thankfulness for all God has done for you through Jesus Christ.  Please feel welcome to put the “I give electronically” card in the offering plate as a way to participate in the corporate ingathering of thank-offerings.
  2. Children will learn good stewardship best from their parents.  Set them an example and also help them to manage their money from allowances or gifts so that they learn how to save, give, and spend appropriately.